Why do I need to insure my car or truck?

In a way, your car or truck is like a home away from home, and at Lee Crane Insurance we strive to protect your valuable investment and all you hold dear within it.

Details, please — what do Florida auto policies cover?

In general, Florida requires protection against a full range of unfortunate things that can happen out on the road. Here are the details:

  • Damage to others’ property
    Policies cover property damage liability when you or the driver of your car causes damage to other people’s property. But coverage only goes up to a certain limit selected by you. In Florida, you’re required to have at least $10,000 in liability protection.
  • Bodily injuries and deaths
    On the road, accidents happen. Bodily liability coverage protects you when an accident you cause, unfortunately, causes injuries or death. Your policy can help pay for hospital bills and lost earning power and even fund any necessary legal defense. Florida doesn’t require this type of insurance — but it can certainly provide peace of mind.
  • Damage to your vehicle from accidents
    What insurance professionals call collision coverage is what fixes your car or truck after it’s been in an accident you caused. If your vehicle is paid for, you don’t have to have this coverage, but if you get in an accident, you’re out of luck unless you have money saved. If you’re still paying for your car, you’re required to have collision coverage.
  • Damage to your vehicle from other causes
    Comprehensive coverage protects your car or truck against damage caused by anything other than a collision — falling objects, theft, vandalism, fire, storms, encounters with birds or other animals, and glass that gets broken in hailstorms or in other ways.
  • Protection if the other driver can’t pay
    If you’re injured in an accident that the other driver caused, but the other driver is uninsured, this part of your policy protects you. Known as “underinsured motorist coverage.”
  • Hospital and medical expenses
    Payments you and your passengers receive as a result of injuries or deaths caused by an accident.
  • PIP coverage — personal injury protection
    PIP or No-Fault coverage protects you if you’re injured while driving or riding in a vehicle that you own, it can also be for injuries sustained by you when you are a driver or passenger in another vehicle. Unlike physical damage coverage, which protects your car or truck, PIP protects YOU. Florida requires this type of insurance.
  • Protection against loss of use
    If you want compensation to help you pay for vehicle rental costs when your car’s in the shop as a result of an accident or loss covered by your policy, we can include it. This type of coverage Is usually limited to a month in duration.
  • Roadside assistance
    Towing and labor coverage can really come in handy if your car or truck breaks down on the road, runs out of gas, or gets a flat or a dead battery!