Business owners put a lot on the line to bring jobs and opportunity to their communities. At Lee Crane, we offer protection for business assets and profits against a range of losses, including:


  • Property
    Property coverage protects your physical assets — the exterior and interior of your building or structure, your business equipment and furniture, your inventory, and things like signage, fencing and landscaping.


  • Liability
    What general liability coverage does is protect against any liabilities imposed on the business due to any negligence within the business or among its employees. Within the context of business operations, you’re protected against claims having to do with property damage, personal and bodily injury, and more.


  • Liability for employment practices
    What’s known as EPLI (employment practices liability insurance) protects against lawsuits or other administrative actions brought by employees or third parties — usually regarding issues having to do with wrongful termination, discrimination, or harassment.


  • Professional liability
    You may be required to carry professional liability insurance depending on your line of business. The coverage protects your business against damages caused malpractice and other business errors.


  • Insurance for business vehicles
    If you use vehicles in your business, you’ll need this coverage. Vehicles intended for business use usually carry signage, serve as transport vehicles for tools or equipment, and are employee-driven. Those types of vehicles are NOT covered by personal auto policies!


  • Workers comp
    You’re required to protect your employees with workers compensation insurance to cover on-the-job injuries. Workers comp insurance pays medical expenses and compensates for wages lost due to the employee being unable to work.


  • Theft and other crime
    On a business policy, protection for the assets of the business is included — so if a theft due to burglary or robbery occurs, or you suffer other losses, including forgery, embezzlement, or larceny, you’re covered.


  • Extra coverage against bodily injury or property damage
    What’s known as excess liability insurance ensures you and your loved ones, colleagues, and the public have extended — and cost-effective — protection against bodily injury or property damage.


  • Inland marine
    If your business relies on an extended supply chain of any kind, you’ll need to protect damage or loss to property or materials engaged in transit.