Your home isn’t just a structure — it’s where your hopes and dreams live. Protecting it is about more than protecting an investment. Homeowners insurance provides the essential financial support you need to recover from an accident, property loss, or destructive event involving your home.

Why homeowners insurance is essential

A standard homeowners policy will ensure not just your home but everything in it — your property and the things you hold dear. And because most standard policies are “package” policies, protection extends beyond damage incurred from disasters like fire and lightning to include wind and hail damage, vandalism, theft, and more.

Let’s get to the details — tell me more

The peace of mind that comes from knowing you have end-to-end home insurance protection is priceless. That’s why standard policies from Lee Crane Insurance include protection for the following:

  • Your home — inside and out
    We protect your home in all its parts, including any structures directly attached, against accidental direct physical loss. That includes anything attached or built in, like a stove or dishwasher or even floor tiles or carpet.
  • Detached structures and outbuildings
    We also protect any other buildings or on your property that is distinctly and clearly separated from your main home structure. So if you have a garage, a gazebo, or a storage unit, we’ve got you covered.
  • Personal property and belongings
    Furniture, clothing, and personal items possessed by you and your family are protected. Your policy will describe coverage for loss due to smoke, fire, wind, theft, and other causes.
  • Accidents or damage affecting your visitors
    We offer liability protection for your family against any injuries or property damage you might cause to others.
  • Compensation for loss of use
    Pays for reasonable living expense if you are not able to reside in the home due to a covered loss.

What do standard policies NOT cover?

We cover damage caused by the vast majority of accidents and events, but standard policies do typically include exceptions for damage caused by the following:

  • Damage caused by poor maintenance
    Every homeowner has a responsibility to properly maintain the home! If you spend a little time each week on home maintenance, you can head off a lot of problems!
  • Flood damage
    Our standard policies don’t protect against flood damage — you’ll need to obtain a separate policy to receive it.

How much insurance is enough? 

Insure your home for the amount you would need to rebuild it from the ground up, not just the price you paid. Your Lee Crane Insurance professional can help you take any market inflation or deflation into account when deciding on coverage.