Motorcycles and other outdoor sports vehicles, such as ATVs, golf carts, and mopeds can be protected against loss. Motorcycle/ATV policies also cover your legal liability as to injuries and property damage caused by you.


Essentials of motorcycle/ATV coverage


Standard motorcycle/ATV policies contain the following coverages:


  • Liability for property damage
    Protects covered accidents that involve property damage, up to the limit in coverage selected by the holder of the policy.


  • Liability for bodily injury
    Payment for accidental injury or death for which you’re responsible. Based on the coverage limit you select, this type of insurance can pay hospital and other medical expenses, compensate for lost wages, and even support legal defense.


  • Collision insurance
    On the road, collision coverage compensates you for damage to your own vehicle — minus your deductible — when you’re involved in a collision.


  • Comprehensive coverage
    Non-collision events — theft, vandalism, and more — are protected, minus your deductible. Ask your insurance professional about available custom coverage.


  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist
    Lost wages, medical treatment, and other damages, caused when a driver who has no insurance hits you, are covered.


  • Medical payments/personal injury coverage
    Compensation for medical treatment or funeral costs, no matter how responsibility for the accident is assigned.


Factors affecting rates


Among the variables affecting motorcycle rates are the following:


  • Credit score
    Like with most insurance, credit history is a big factor in determining rates — perhaps even more than driving history.


  • Age and driving history
    But that doesn’t mean driving history isn’t important. Violations on your record are definitely taken into consideration.


  • Driving location
    Areas that have high accident and crime rates generally carry higher insurance rates.


  • Riding frequency
    Everyday riders take more risks than occasional drivers.


  • Vehicle make and model
    Exotic bikes that require expensive maintenance and repair cost more to insure.