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Lee Crane Insurance Agency, Inc d/b/a Crane & Hyatt Insurance

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At Lee Crane Insurance Agency, Inc d/b/a Crane & Hyatt Insurance, we've been insuring yours like it was ours since 1976. We believe that homes aren't just structures, and cars aren't just transportation devices. Instead, home is literally where the heart is, and transportation a journey to a new opportunity.

70 Years Experience

Our team has over 70 years of experience to match you with the correct coverage at the correct price!

20+ Providers

Having multiple providers allows us a greater chance of getting you more coverage for the same or less cost!

Friendly Staff

We treat you like family and ensure your property like it was our property.

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    That's not all. We think insurance is about helping you build ways to deal with the unexpected -- whenever and wherever it occurs. That's why we have products to protect you when you're out of your routine. Whether you're weaving on two wheels on fall mountain roads, on a six-month tour of our nation's highways and byways, or even transitioning to new patterns of living, we can bring you the peace of mind that can help you get going with confidence!


    The most auto insurance at the right price.


    Make sure your business is protected with the correct coverage.


    Home is where the heart is. Do not go unprotected.


    Make sure your loved ones are covered.

    Like Family

    At Lee Crane Insurance Agency, Inc d/b/a Crane & Hyatt Insurance, we've claimed Gainesville and Alachua County as our base of operations for more than 40 years. That's more than four decades of continuously providing you with the best insurance products along with expertise from a seasoned team of insurance professionals. We're in this business because Gainesville is our home too -- as a proud part of our growing community, we're not going anywhere!



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