Owners of boats and personal watercraft need boat insurance to protect against watercraft-related financial loss. Like other “package policies,” boat insurance not only protects against property damage but also provides liability protection in case your boat is involved in events that cause injuries or property damage to others.


Florida boat insurance essentials


By law, Florida boat insurance policies cover the following essentials:


  • Comprehensive and collision insurance
    Protection against physical loss — or damage — of your watercraft


  • Liability
    Covers accidents and events that involve someone else’s property being damaged. On the policy, the purchaser selects a liability limit.


  • Bodily injury liability
    You’re covered in case of injury or death caused by an accident you’re responsible for. The policy will help pay for hospital and other health expenses and also compensate for any lost salary or wages. Depending on the policy, legal compensation may also be available. The purchaser selects a limit to the amount of coverage.


  • Hospital and other medical costs
    Your policy can help cover medical bills — such as treatment for injuries caused by you or anybody else who’s occupying or operating your watercraft.


  • Coverage for uninsured and underinsured boaters
    If you suffer damage or loss caused by someone who owns or operates an underinsured or uninsured watercraft, this portion of your insurance covers you.


  • Coverage for non-boating-related equipment
    Let’s say you take some fishing gear with you out on the water. Or a stereo, or some water-skiing equipment. And something gets lost or damaged. With coverage for personal effects included in your policy, you’re covered.


  • Coverage for emergency services
    This portion of your policy will cover emergency services like towing. If your fun gets interrupted by an event on your boat requiring maintenance, if you have this policy, at least you know you can get the work done without incurring a lot of extra expense in transporting your boat back to the landing.